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Students learn the importance of saving

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Research shows parents invest more time teaching their kids chores instead of talking with them about money.

April is teach children to save month and Heritage Bank is doing just that. Tuesday morning, fourth and fifth grade students at St. Theresa's Catholic School got their own saving tool, a piggy bank.

While children decorated the banks, they were also told how saving today could give them the money they need down the road when they want to make a big purchase.

"It's important to save because if you save you can get stuff that you want and you can maybe get something big instead of something that's just little that you won't use," said Lacey Coleman, a fifth grader.

"The habits that they develop at this age will follow them throughout life. We don't want them to have this spending attitude where they want an Ipod, they want a Blackberry storm, they want a video game.  We want them thinking about saving part of their allowance to buy bigger things in the future," said Mary Beth Hobby, Heritage Bank Marketing Director.

Heritage Bank plans to talk to more than 500 elementary students at Sherwood Elementary and Lee County this month.


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