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Easter Seals Laundry Service

Too busy to stay and get the laundry done? Not interested in spending your time sorting whites from darks and folding laundry? Your problem is solved!

Easter Seals Southern Georgia Laundry Service
1906 Palmyra Rd.
, GA 31701
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Our laundry service offers a drop off service.
Leave your laundry and let us do the work for you! We wash, dry, and fold your clothes. Our service is easy, affordable, and convenient!

Laundry Services

75¢ per pound for clothes, towels, sheets, etc.

$8.00 for twin or full size comforters

$10.00 for queen or king size comforters

Ironing Services

$1.75 per piece

$3.00 for dresses

Your support of Easter Seals Southern Georgia, Inc. helps to provide jobs for individuals with disabilities.

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