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Middle school students suspended after bomb threat

November 21, 2002

Valdosta - It's back to the books at Valdosta Middle School, but two eighth grade girls who threatened the school with a bomb Wednesday won't return for at least ten days, and possibly not at all this year.

"Through interviewing students and teachers we were able to identify these two individuals and arrested them as juveniles," said Chief Frank Simons, Valdosta Police Department.

Students found a note in the bathroom yesterday indicating a bomb would go off during lunch. As word of the threat spread, the school system immediately began their emergency response plan.

"We evacuated everyone and had teachers posted and looking in every bathroom, called the authorities, and called the central office," said Janice Richardson, Valdosta Middle School Assistant Principal.

About two hours later, the building was cleared and classes resumed. School administrators believe the threat may have been a copycat incident of this week's bomb threats at Lee County Middle School, and have sent home notes to parents explaining what happened.

"We let the children check out who were upset, and we wanted parents and the community to know what was going on and that everything was safe for these kids," said Richardson.

Administrators reassure students, faculty and parents, they are prepared for such threats and will continue to provide a safe learning environment.

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