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Turner copper thieves steal from churches

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

TURNER COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Screws that held together the air condition units that used to cool the Rocky Mount congregation on hot Georgia Sundays now lie next to the stripped units. And deputies are starting to come across this scene more often.

"At Oak Grove Church they ripped apart two of the outside air condition units, and they stole all of the aluminum on the inside of the cord and all of the cooper," said Turner County Investigator, Steve Mauldin.

Thieves dismantled five units at an old campground back in September. "But we hadn't had any problems since than, and all of sudden we get four incidents in just a week and a half," said Mauldin.

And though copper thefts aren't new in Turner County, "we had three young men last year who climbed up power polls and cut the wire of power lines," said Mauldin. Stealing from churches is, "it's just upsetting that they would actually go to a church and rip up their A/C units," said Mauldin.

Deputies now need your help catching these senseless thieves. "The A/C units were in the back of the building. It was dark, and you can't see anybody back there," said Mauldin.

And they want the culprits to know, "if we catch them we will charge them. And each A/C unit that they broke into, we will charge them with each count," said Mauldin. Investigators say they won't rest until they have the people responsible in custody.

The thieves also hit some vacant properties. If you have any information on the metal thefts, call the the Turner County Sheriff's Office at 229-567-2401.


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