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Tornado clean up and headaches continue in Thomas County

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - It's been two months since EF2 and EF3 tornadoes swept through Thomas and Grady counties.

Today we took a drive through some of the neighborhoods in the tornadoes path. There's still a big mess to clean up.

And many people still remember that night vividly.

Cody Owens stands in the exact spot he witnessed an EF2 tornado lift the roof off his house two months ago.

"The living room ceiling fell in and then lifted up and disappeared.

And recalls details like it happened yesterday.

"Trees were everywhere and it was raining. It was very loud," he says.

"I got up out of bed, I started feeling leaves, rain, and trees landed on my bed," says Ricky Da Costa.

Vivid memories of that morning haven't escaped his mind either.

But while his friend Cody has since found a new home to rent, Ricky wasn't as fortunate.

"I've been staying at my son's house, which is fine but it's crowded," he says.

His insurance company got him the money to replace his personal belongings and property, but he still doesn't have the money to purchase a new home. And his policy didn't include putting him up in a hotel or temporary housing.

Now he says, he's tired of the waiting game.

"It's just a bad time to be me this year," he says.

A thought that's likely crossed hundreds of people's minds in Thomas and Grady counties. That, and fear that what happened then, could happen again.

"If there's a lot of thunder and wind, you get to thinking...and then you get nervous," says Owens.

Hoping destruction of this nature won't happen twice...Cody, Ricky, and many others try and get life back to normal.


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