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Peanut Quota Deadline extended

November 20, 2002

Albany -- Southwest Georgia Peanut Quota Holders will have more time to get their buyout payments from the U-S-D-A. Under the New Farm Bill landowners who were quota holders had to apply for their buyout by November 22nd.

 The deadline has now been extended to January 15 to deal with the paperwork volume. So far 27-thousand Georgia quota holders have been paid 411-million dollars in the buyout program.

An associate administrator with the U.S.D.A., Teresa Lasseter said "We began issuing the payments October 11th, but we are working with so short a time frame and so many people to come in. Plus we are working with other programs at the same time. Our County offices on the local level are backed up with their work load, and just need more time to get these payments out to the quota holders."

73-percent of the Georgia quota holders have received their buyout from the Department of Agriculture.

With the extension deadline the U.S.D.A. hopes to finish the 1 point 3 billion dollar quota holders buyout program by January 15.

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