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Student suspended for taking gun to school

November 20, 2002
Dougherty County-- The 14 year old boy had an unloaded nine millimeter pistol inside his book bag in a classroom when he was caught.

Metal detectors are used at Radium Springs Middle School everyday to check students. But last Wednesday, a 14-year-old 8th grader beat the security, and was caught with an unloaded pistol in his classroom.

Three of his classmates told the principal about the gun. Principal Geraldine Hudley said "Ms. Parham called the youngster to the office, because I wanted to get him out of the classroom. Officer Hill was waiting at the door when he exited and I had gotten there about that time as well. And Officer Hill began to question him."

The boys father went to the school while the Police and Principal questioned him. He is an average student, popular and active in school functions, who is said to have no problems with the other students. But now he is on ten day suspension, facing a hearing to decide if he will be expelled.

Assistant Superintendent Carlos Keith said "In the case of a weapon such as a gun, the student will be expelled for one calendar year. And then that student may reapply after that calendar year is up."

The gun was in a book bag, which is not supposed to be in the classroom. A substitute teacher that day allowed the bag in the room. Principal Hudley says they will continue stepped up security checks to keep students safe.

Hudley said "We will continue our searches, our locker checks, our bathroom checks. We don't leave anything unturned." The investigation into the gun at Radium Springs Middle School is still ongoing. After it's conclusion, a Board of Education tribunal hearing will then be scheduled.

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