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Losing candidate files election suit

November 20, 2002

Albany - A loser in a South Georgia senate race is suing for a new election. 500 voters may have received the wrong ballots on election day and voted in the wrong district. Incumbent Democratic Harold Ragan lost his senate seat to Republican John Bulloch by 76 votes on November 5th.

Ragan says 500 people may have voted in the wrong district after receiving the wrong ballots. Ragan says those 500 voters may have changed the outcome of the race. He wants the people to have another chance to cast a vote.

The lines of district 11 were changed this year, shifting many voters. The suit, contesting the election, is filed in the Superior Court of Mitchell and Thomas counties. Ragan plans to file in Colquitt County as well.

Since the original margin was only 76 votes, Ragan had already asked for a recount. It is set for Thursday morning.

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