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Johnny Isakson speaks on legislation

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Senator Johnny Isakson promises to stand up for businesses in Washington. 

As Congress tries to respond to the recession, he worries lawmakers could pass legislation that will hurt businesses and hurt job creation in Georgia.  

Friday, business owners, local leaders, and community members came together in Valdosta to hear Senator Johnny Isakson speak on critical legislation being debated on Capitol Hill.  The republican senator spoke about the recession's impact on Georgia's economy at the annual Federal Legislative Review Luncheon sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

"Being a tourism state, tourism has been way down, manufacturing cut-backs, and, of course, the carpet industry in North West Georgia has virtually shut down," Isakson says. 

When asked about bringing more jobs to South Georgia, Senator Isakson said he fears high taxes will prevent businesses from growing. 

"What we need to do, from a legislative standpoint, is not increase taxes," says Isakson.  "We need to increase tax incentives to motivate people to risk capital and do the right thing. We don't need to be overly-burdensome in regulation."

The senator, and other officials, warned attendees to be cautious of legislation they see as detriments to business, such as the Employee Free Choice Act.

Michael Eastman, Executive Director of Labor Law for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, says, "It would lead to a significant increase in unionization and a significant increase in the unemployment rate, which will have a significant impact on the economy as a whole."

While Senator Isakson says South Georgia hasn't been hit as hard as Metro-Atlanta, he says becoming active in passing pro-business legislation is a responsibility we all share.    


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