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The Anchorage can't take more clients

Jamie Glover Jamie Glover

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia drug and alcohol addiction center is full, and the waiting list is twice their capacity. Counsellors at the Anchorage in Lee County say the tough economy and job losses have caused a large increase in the number of people seeking help with addictions.  

Jamie Glover is a client at the Anchorage for the second time. Glover had returned to running his own construction business in Metro Atlanta, when the economic downturn sank his business, and caused him to fall off the wagon.

"I ran into a lot of trouble with that," Glover said. "Ended up losing where I lived and everything. I was basically on the streets."

Now Glover helps in the office, as he continues the ten month addiction program. The Anchorage has provided that help for 56 years, free of charge. They have a maximum capacity of 55 men, but two weeks ago their waiting list grew to 112.

  "We have discovered that many of these fellows lost their jobs, or there is a threat of losing their job in a short time period there," The Anchorage Director Kenny Phillips said. "So there is a lot of stress in dealing with financial problems, and the lack of work."

Phillips said other addiction centers across the country are seeing the same increase in people seeking help. Job losses and economic pressures pushing men to drugs and alcohol.

"Unfortunately after you have sobered up and cleaned up, those problems still exist. So it is not a way to deal with the problem, but unfortunately so many do,"  Phillips said.

The Anchorage provides financial management classes to its clients, along with Christian drug and alcohol treatment.

Glover says he has faith that the economy will recover and his business bounce back, and this time he will be able to handle the pressures without his addiction. "Sometimes we have to go down to pick back up. It will pick back up. I have faith that it will."

The Anchorage, like most non-profits, is seeing an increase in need at a time when donations are down. They've dropped nearly six thousand dollars a month.   It costs the Anchorage $485 per man every month to provide its Christian drug and alcohol counseling. None of that cost is passed on to the clients. 

The program has an 80% success rate. If you would like to help, call 229-435-5692.

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