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Bishop hosts 'stimulus 101' sessions for 2nd District

By Wainwright Jeffers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was 'Stimulus 101' for hundreds of south Georgia leaders, community organizations, and the public.

They learned how they can get stimulus money to help jump start south Georgia's economy.

Representatives from state and federal agencies were there in Albany Thursday afternoon to answer questions and help get the money flowing.

"We're definitely looking at doing something with our infrastructure to make it better for our locals," said Mayor Jerome Brackins, City of Arlington.

Arlington mayor Jerome Brakins showed us about two weeks ago just how his city could use some of that money to help with drainage problems.

"I jotted down notes, and the paperwork they gave, i'm glad I got the paperwork so I can make those contacts," said Brakins.

Contacts from the Small Business Administration, Department of Justice and the USDA.

"It helps to guide them through the process to let them know who they need to contact with and exactly who they need to see," said Donald E. Arnette, USDA Regional Director.

"The hope is that we're able to deliver to them a cleaner and user friendly version of the stimulus bill," said Aranthan Jones, Fmr. Dir. Policy and Research U.S. House. He assisted in drafting the stimulus bill.

Congresssman Sandford Bishop arranged the stimulus session for his constituents, to try to bring as much money as possible to our area.

"They're information sessions happing right now about each part of the bill that I covered to flesh out in detail all the different provisions and to make sure people have a human face connection," said Jones.

Faces, leaders like mayor Brackins hope can help lead them in the right direction.

"We have the issue with the housing, clean water, as you know from the flooding and all of that, we also have a issue with law Enforcement with keeping that staffed," Brakins.

And there's money in the stimulus bill to help with that hiring more officers. The hope is that having this session could give cities like his the advantage they need to get their fair share of stimulus money.

The stimulus sessions were held in three other cities in the second congressional district.


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