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Dozens of gun thefts likely connected

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Investigators say a rash of home burglaries over several months in six different counties are likely connected.

Thieves are taking flat screen televisions, jewelry, and money. But what concerns residents and investigators, are the dozens of guns reported stolen.

Everything from hunting rifles and shotguns, to pistols.

Investigators say it's a sign of the times. Theft is up because the economy is down.

But a rash of residential burglaries in six south georgia counties, where dozens of rifles, shotguns, and pistols were stolen have investigators alert.

"The guns concern us because they can end up in the hands of kids, and someone could get hurt," said Tim Watkins, investigator with the Thomas County Sheriff's office.

And investigators say the dozens of burglaries in Decatur, Mitchell, Colquitt, Worth, Turner, and Thomas counties are all connected. The first round started late October in Mitchell county, the latest, Wednesday in Thomas and Decatur counties.

"The method of the burglaries are similar in nature," said Investigator Watkins.

They all take place in the daytime. All of them involve thieves entering through a side or garage door, and the same type of items are stolen. One of the most common items? Guns.

"The dvd player was back there, and there was a stereo here."

Mary Beveridge's home was broken into last Thursday.

"My door was wide open," she said.

She didn't have any guns stolen but thieves took more than $2000 worth of items.

"They took my HD-TV, jewelry, money," she said.

And investigators say every home, in every county hit didn't have an alarm system.

"You think your house is secure, we did, but it's not," said Mary Beveridge.

Also, be a good neighbor. If you see a suspicious car outside a neighbor's home, don't hesitate to report it. You could help catch a criminal.

Investigators say if you live in any of the targeted counties, and see anyone selling guns or other big ticket items in a parking lot, or out of their car, don't hesitate to report it to your local authority.


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