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Flood mold forces Albany man to go camping

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - At least 33 property owners in Dougherty County have extensive flood damage throughout their homes, running into hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

One man in East Dougherty County has moved out of his home and into a tent because of mold and mildew problems inside, and he can no longer afford hotels.

The past few weeks have been rough on Kenny Freeman. He saw the flood waters rising at his home on Parr Road, and knew he couldn't stop them.

He's since ripped the carpet and padding out of every room. The sheetrock is next. You can't see the mold, and can't smell it through the television, but it's definitely here.

"There's no way you could live in here, you would probably get a disease " said Freeman.

For a while, Kenny was staying in hotels. "We've probably spent $1,000 just in hotels and food."

But now, he's out of money, and literally counting pennies. "I'm really getting to where we're having to count change out to buy gas. We've milked ourselves for everything we had on rooms."

So now, he's found a new place to stay. He's sleeping in a tent in his front yard, complete with a TV, fan, and even an outdoor kitchen. "It's a lot cheaper than the motel."

Unless President Obama declares Dougherty County a Presidential disaster so Kenny can apply for financial assistance, this may be the best he can do.

"It's just unlivable, unbearable. We have no more money to go anywhere else and this is our home away from home at home."

Emergency management officials say they are still in a holding pattern, waiting on the President to declare Dougherty County a disaster area.

They said anyone with flood damage should take pictures of the interior and exterior of your homes and keep receipts of what you spend to repair the damage.


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