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Killing the competition

November 19, 2002

Over the past two seasons Janel Herring has become one of the most feared players in the SIAC. Albany State head coach Robert Skinner's prized possession is a combination of strength, height, and leaping ability. All of that can be summed up in one word. "Agressive, she's agressive," Head coach Robert Skinner said. "I just try to wait until I get right over the blocker and just hit down and just kill it at the ten foot line," Albany State sophomore Janel Herring said.

Herring crushes the ball with such force that the outside hitter's 455 kills over the course of the season have taken their toll on opponents. "I have a couple of setters, I hit some setters and they were trying to dodge the ball," Herring added.

And who can blame them. For Herring the perfect kill is all about timing. "It's all in watching the ball or your setter. As soon as the ball leaves your setter's hands, you just have to watch it and time it perfectly," Herring said. Which is exactly what Janel has done with her game. Coming off an MVP performance in the conference tournament, the six foot sophomore could not have picked a better time to get hot as eighth ranked North Alabama waits in the first round of the National Tournament.

"It's gonna be to the next level here and it will be a whole team of Janel's on the University of North Alabama so we got to play well but we expect her to give us 100 percent," Skinner said. "I'm gonna go out there and give it all I got, I just always think that they're going to remember me whether we lose or not," Herring added.

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