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Students applying early at UGA

November 19, 2002

Albany--  A lot of High school seniors in South Georgia are applying for early entrance to the University of Georgia. But, there is a lot of competition. More than 4,200 students have put in their applications for UGA's first ever early admissions process.

Several seniors at Deerfield Windsor School in Albany are putting their applications in by the November first deadline. It's hectic trying to get everything in order.

Guidance Counselor Sarah Orgel says, "There is the poor senior trying to get it together. Parts go to me, parts to the teacher, putting it all together to meet the November first deadline has really been something."

UGA's school officials hope by offering early admissions students will have more time to decide their futures. They think it will also spread out the heavy workload in the admission office and allow for more review of borderline applications.

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