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Valdosta High students are urged to "Click it or ticket"

November 19, 2002

Valdosta- "Click it or ticket" is the message the Governor's office of Highway Safety and local law enforcement are sending to Valdosta High students this holiday season.

"Young people are the majority of people killed in accidents, and they're usually not wearing their seatbelts so we really need to start with them," said Sgt. Earl Durrance, Valdosta Police Department.

Fifteen people died on Georgia roads last Thanksgiving weekend. Highway Safety officials say over half of those deaths could have been prevented by wearing a seat belt.

"I can't remember ever seeing an accident where wearing a seatbelt wouldn't have made a difference," said Durrance.

Drinking and driving also plays a large part in the grim statistics. Wearing fatal vision goggles helps young drivers realize just how dangerous their actions can be.

"It looked like the line was in front of me but it was actually way over there," said "I won't drink and drive after going through that activity."

Instead of predicting fatality statistics for this holiday season, law enforcement are hoping to beat the odds.

"My wish and hope is that every Georgian buckle up and drive carefully so that we will have a safe and happy holiday season," said Dr. Ronnie Mathis, Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Starting with these new drivers is the key to fulfilling that goal.

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