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Jeffords Park clean-up begins in downtown Sylvester

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SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Power lines hung from trees like vines at Jeffords Park. And sheets of tin that once covered a congregation at the Grace Filled Deliverance Church now hug tree trunks and picnic tables.

Worth County's Emergency Management Director Jason Brooks said all of this damage happened in a matter of minutes. "When this happened I had just left the office, and this damage happened within 10 to 15 minutes."

The City of Sylvester Public Works began to clean up as utility crews re-wired street lights at the park. "We got a lot of trees down, a lot of debris in the trees," said Brooks.

This debris is also what storm assessors with the National Weather Service will be observing. They will use it to determine what exactly blew through Sylvester Monday afternoon.

"At this time it looks like straight line winds. The way everything is pushed over. If there was any kind of tornado damage, there would be a circular twist of motion to it. Things would be twisted up in trees," said Brooks.

And there was, but it wasn't enough to convince Brooks otherwise. "Straight line winds can produce the same kind of damage a tornado can."

This is why it is so important for all residents to take heed of any severe weather warning. "If any kind of tornado warnings go out, please stay inside. Go to the safest room in the house with no windows. Stay in and do not go out to try to observe," said Brooks.

And he is thankful people in Sylvester did just that, and no one was hurt Monday because the damage here could have been a lot worse.

The National Weather Service wasn't the only assessment going on in Worth County Monday. Federal Emergency Management Agents and the Department of Transportation were also assessing damaged roads caused by the recent heavy rain fall.


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