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People heed President's call

November 18, 2002

Albany-- It's been almost one year since President Bush asked Americans to join the war against terrorism by volunteering.

The number of Georgians enrolling in the President's Freedom Corps, which includes PeaceCorps and AmeriCorps, continues to grow. Online applications for Americorps have risen from just 18 in 2001, to 265 so far this year. In Albany, one Americorps worker says he is not surprised the president's call has spurred people to volunteer, but his motivation was different.

Americorps volunteer Steve Knight has no prior experience building homes, "I just kinda do it."

But the last two months working with Habitat for Humanity has taught him a lot. Knight says, "I knew I wanted to work with Habitat, that's part of the reason I'm here. I know I wanted to build homes."

It hasn't been all fun and games, for sure, but when Steve signed up to volunteer, he was looking for a way to do more. And his desire to help did not come from a presidential request, but from something deeper. Knight says, "I think people should always want to volunteer not just because the president said so." So, for nine more months Steve will be fine tuning his construction skills--while building a fine, sturdy home for a grateful family.

Steve Knight says he is thinking about signing on for one more year with the Americorps. President Bush asked Americans to donate two years, or 4,000 hours of community service.

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