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Albany democrat first to file

November 18, 2002

Albany-- Southwest Georgia Senator Michael Meyer von Bremen got an early jump on the January legislative session.

The Democrat Senator pre-filed the child endangerment bill first thing Friday morning, on behalf of Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor. There was a bit of a battle with the Republican redistricting bill to earn the honor of Senate Bill number one.

Meyer von Bremen says, "The stories did develop that both sides had bills sitting at the Secretary of Senate's office early, the number the Lt. Governor drew happen to be number one, but this was legislation that was coming all along."

Last session, time ran out before the bill passed both chambers. The bill calls for five years in prison for anyone who endangers a child, including leaving kids in a hot car.

Friday was the first day lawmakers were allowed to pre-file bills that will be considered when the Legislature convenes in January. Meyer von Bremen was the only Democrat to pre-file.

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