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Walking catfish to combat racism

November 18, 2002

Pelham - A 91-year-old South Georgia man is using a walking catfish to combat racism. William Alton Nutt of Pelham published a book about two different species becoming friends. He hopes his story will teach kids a valuable lesson.

Babby is not a normal catfish. Five-year-old Deshawn Grant says, "He had legs."

Babby the walking catfish gets teased by other fish. Six-year-old Tucker Fordham explains, "They just had fins." But, his legs help him find a friend on land, Drucilla the cat. Fordham says, "Cat and catfish, they fall in love."

It's a story of two species getting along. Grant says, "I like it." Just what Mr. Nutt hoped for, kids to like and learn from his first book. He explains, "These different species getting along. If they can do it why can't races get along."

Mr. Nutt has been thinking about writing a book for the past 10 years. He says, "I just dreamed it up, I don't know. Comes to ya out of the blue."

"Babby the Walking Catfish" may have a sequel. Nutt says Babby will be kidnapped and sold to the Chattanooga Aquarium. The walking fish will have to find his way back home. This time, a Geography lesson.

Mr. Nutt has sold 200 books nationwide since September.

The Pelham Senior Center is promoting his book for a St. Jude's book drive. You can donate "Babby the Walking Catfish" or another new children's book to the Senior Center by December 13th.

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