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Disney on Ice arrives in Albany

November 18, 2002

Disney is already working it's magic at the Albany Civic Center. On Sunday, the once bare auditorium was transformed into a Jungle on Ice.

Tuesday night is the opening of Disney on Ice Jungle Adventures. It took almost 30 hours to set up this 135 by 60 foot ice rink. Believe it or not, just 3 men did the enormous job.

"First we lay down dozens of panel that will hold the soon-to-be ice," said Mark Parent with Feld Entertainment, the producer of Disney on Ice. "We put a flushy ice around the outside of the rink to hold the water."

Then, the rink is flood with water. Antifreeze, running through long pipes, keeps the 3 inch thick ice rink frozen. "Two massive refrigerators cool the antifreeze to about 20 degrees," said Parent.

Taking care of the ice is a 24 hour a day job. "We are continuously filling in areas of ice that melt. If the ice isn't prefect, the skaters can't do their best," said Parent.

Once the skaters start performing on the ice, an ice resurfacer keeps the rink as smooth and beautiful. The ice resurfacer shaves off the old ice and replaces it with a fresh layer.

The ice is just the first step, then the magic happens. "We turn the rink into a Jungle. It looks just like a ride at Walt Disney World," said Julia Filz, Disney on Ice."There's a 3-story tree and characters swing on vines."

Tuesday night, the ice becomes a stage where talented skaters will tell the stories of the Lion King, Jungle Book, and Tarzan. Good seats are still available for both Tuesday and Wednesday night performances. The Civic Center Box Office is open from 9:00 am until show time. The Wednesday matinee is sold out.

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