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National Guard in Albany ready

November 18, 2002

Albany -- Even as the possibility of war grows, the Georgia Army National Guard has not gotten special readiness orders.

Major Thomas Carden at the Albany National Guard Armory says his Battalion is at a normal state of readiness.

 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says almost 265 thousand National Guard troops could be called to active duty in case of war.

Major Carden says the National Guardsmen are keeping a close eye on developments. "We're doing our day to day business, as we've always done it. Our job here is to maintain a trained and ready force. And we do watch the news to see what is going on in the world, but other than that we are just doing our day to day business."

The Georgia Army National Guard currently has only one unit on active duty. A company of 130 Military Police from Monroe are in Cuba guarding prisoners.

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