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Valdosta installs new electronic monitoring system

November 18, 2002

Valdosta - Judge John Edwards has presided over Valdosta's municipal court for five years, and is usually forced to send even minor offenders to the Lowndes County jail. But that sentencing will soon change, with the implementation of a new electronic monitoring system.

"What we want to do is have an option for minor offenders such as parole violators, so they don't have to go to jail but we can restrict their behavior to the point of home confinement," said Edwards.

Offenders must wear a small device around their ankle at all times. A small electronic box is kept in their home, which through phone lines, allows Sentinel Offender Service's local Valdosta office and company headquarters in California to know when the offender is in his home.

The new system is beneficial for both offenders and taxpayers.

"We want these people to be able to continue to work, take care of their families, and live life because they do have obligations," said Darryl Fulton, Sentinel Offender Services. Services.

"If we have someone on home confinement, that's saving us money we've been paying the county jail, which is 43 dollars per inmate each day," said Edwards.

The city has been testing the devices on two parole violators, and says its working quiet well. They plan on implementing the entire system immediately.

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