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Sumter residents are thankful to be alive

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

SUMTER COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Residents in Cobb now know how truly lucky they are to be alive after the massive destruction from overnight storms came to light in the new day.

"I heard wind noises and headed toward the front door and didn't make it. The wind pretty much made its way into the home." Now the home Jeff Farmer grew up in is a complete loss. "Looks like its been shifted off its foundation. The roof had been lifted and set back down. The wall has been pulled away from the foundation," said Farmer.

His neighbor Charlie Stephens shares the same story. "We didn't have time. We were just lucky it went over the house instead of just taking the house." Seven greenhouses were leveled at the Plant Place nursery. And the destruction was repeated along Flintside Drive.

"You never think its going to happen to you. We've had warning after warning, but last night was the final warning for this house," said Ferrell Henry. A total of 45 homes were affected, seven of them destroyed.

"I just thank God we were still alive and that there was nobody hurt bad," said Stephens. Residents say they aren't just thankful that no one was hurt. They appreciate the hundreds of volunteers helping with the clean-up.

"There was nearly 100 volunteers and employees working these roads and highways to help us. And don't think that we don't appreciate that," sai d Henry. And the whole community pulled together to reverse what was caused by seconds of mother nature's wrath.

The American Red Cross conducted damage assessments in Sumter County Saturday. They also distributed food, water and clean-up kits. Any one who still needs assistance from the Red Cross can contact their local law enforcement agency.


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