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SW Georgia flood waters bring mosquitoes

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As temperatures warm, flood soaked southwest Georgia could have a big problem with mosquitoes.

Dougherty County's Public Works office is already getting calls from several neighborhoods, complaining about the pests.

They say beginning next week, they'll be placing larvicide in pools of standing water collecting on the side of county highways and then start night-time spraying.

They're also asking property owners to stay vigilant.

"We ask them to help us out as far as pouring out standing water in birdbaths, dog bowls dishes, things of that nature. Any buckets or old tires get rid of the old tires, turn your bucket upside down," said Donnell Mathis, Dougherty County Environmental Control.

Private property is their biggest concern because it can become expensive to treat large areas of land, much of which now has standing water.

While the county can't treat private property, they will help landowners who have concerns as best they can.


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