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Close to 300 new jobs in Thomasville

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Good economic news to report in South Georgia.

Harbor Homes in Thomasville is looking to hire close to 300 new workers. FEMA awarded the company a contract to make low-emissions travel trailers for victims of disasters.

The new line of work requires a new line of workers.

At Harbor Homes manufacturing facility luxury house boats are a work of art. 

But luxuries have rapidly become a thing of the past in today's economy, so naturally business has been slow until now.

FEMA just awarded the company a contract to build low-emissions travel trailers.

"They're looking at bringing on these safe units that they can store so that when there is a disaster. They can take the units and send them out,"  said Lucas Stewart, CEO of Harbor  Homes.

Last year, FEMA adopted new safety regulations for trailers that house disaster victims after complaints of high levels of formaldehyde and dirty air in FEMA trailers. Only four manufactures in the nation were awarded contracts.

A contract that means hundreds of job openings right here in Thomasville.

"We currently have 25 employees. We've started hiring now and we'll bring up to as many as 300 employees for the contract," said Stewart.

And word travels fast.

"I'm filling out an application for some work," said job seeker Derrick Adamson.

"Just today alone we've probably had 50 people come fill out applications. Several that have worked with us in the past," said Stewart.

Shannon Walker worked at Harbor Homes two years ago. Since then he found other work but was laid off again last October - jobless ever since.

"I can't tell you the number of places I've been to," said Walker.  

Now Shannon hopes he's making his last stop.

"That's a good feeling to know that I'm actually going to get another chance at a job, a job that I already had, stuff that I already know how to do. That's a real good feeling," he said.

Harbor Homes is hiring immediately. New hires will likely start working next Wednesday.

Giving hundreds of south georgians a sigh of financial relief.

The contract with Harbor Homes will last for five years. If you want to fill out an application, stop by their office at 1207 Sunset Drive in Thomasville. Or call them, at 229-233-4061. Feedback

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