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Stores get ready for the holidays

November 15, 2002

Albany- The holiday shoppers will soon be swarming stores around South Georgia, meaning employees will stay busy helping customer.

Harvey's front end manager, Mary Jane Timmons, says instead of hiring more workers, they have a different plan.

Timmons adds, "Most of our people are part time, so we increase there hours. We increase their hours to make sure our customers are covered." Store employee, Treyllace Scott, says she looks forward to the holiday season because she knows her checks will put a smile on her face.

Scott says, "I know my hours will increase during the holiday season, and I will have a nice check which is good for my personal life."

Grocery store aisles will be crowded with people looking for the ingredients to make their favorite dish, and many customers say they are glad they won't have to wait.

Harvey's managers say employees will probably average about forty hours a week starting next week, and they say even though they aren't hiring many new employees, the ones they have are very satisfied.

Many stores we contacted also say they have already hired all of their seasonal employees, so if you haven't filled out an application, you may be too late.

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