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Oxendine tours Decatur County

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Flooding problems continue in Decatur County.

Water from the Big Slough watershed forced another family out of their home Tuesday night.

Wednesday, Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine flew over the area to get a look at the damage.

Whether you're in a boat, driving over roads, or flying in the sky you'll see that water seems to be everywhere in Decatur county.

Wednesday, State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine and I got an aerial tour of the flooding. He says home damages along the Flint could be in the millions.

"Some homes could easily have $400,000 to $500,000 worth of damage. The problem is the maximum amount is not going to cover that. So this has the potential to be a huge tragedy for people who will find themselves undercovered or underinsured," said Commissioner Oxendine.

Donna Jackson doesn't have flood insurance.

"We never thought it would ever reach here. The last time this house flooded was in the 1970's," said Jackson.

And she was in the clear until Tuesday afternoon. Water from the Slough flooded her home off Old Whigham Road, now only reachable by boat.

"My husband and I were laid off our jobs at the end of November. So we couldn't afford to pay our flood insurance anymore," she said.

Fortunately, the Big Slough looks as though it's done all the damage it's going to do.

"With the river going down I'm hoping it will start going on in the river instead of back filling this way," said Decatur county EMA Director Charlie McCann.

But there was some good news. Even though dozens of homes off Slough Loop remain flooded, at least the homes without water inside, now have water to drink. Around 150 people did without after water broke a pipe under the ground this past Sunday.

The EMA Director put in a request to GEMA for this water tank Tuesday afternoon. It came in Tuesday night. So now people living there have access to 3700 gallons of water.

Decatur county is still under a State of Emergency. Emergency managers estimate 40 homes are affected by the flooding.

And as the damage mounts, homeowners remain anxious for the water to recede. So they can get a better look at the damage and begin starting over.

If you have flood damage, Decatur County Emergency Management urges you to give them a call and report it. That number is 229-248-3869.

And if you have a question about flood insurance, you can call John Oxendine's office at 1-800 656-2298. Feedback

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