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FEMA assessments continue in Coffee

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Pockets of shallow water are all that is left of the 400 acre lake in Baymeadows Estates. "It was just raging water. I mean water just everywhere," said  Larry Nesmith.

Larry Nesmith couldn't believe what he saw Friday morning as he headed to work. "Emergency crews and the sheriff's department, I mean it was just a traumatic experience. I never seen water move so fast, said Nesmith.

The dam failed after 16 inches of rain caused the lake to overflow, sending a wall of water into Bear Creek and the mobile home park there. "It was all the way back here, and it was gushing forward," said Ann Anderson.

"Roaring thunder, it just sounded like thunder, said Nesmith.

The developer now plans to build a flood gate to prevent this from happening again. "We built a temporary dam in front of the spill way to stop the water from coming out," said Alan Paulk.

None of the 500 homes in Baymeadows received substantial flood damage. Water completely submerged one mobile home and entered a few others at Bear Creek. "I never thought I would ever see the lake and see them try to stop the dam to save people's lives," said Nesmith.

Those effected are now cleaning up. "Things can be replaced, but fortunately we didn't lose any lives," said Nesmith.

"The Lord was looking out for us. We got lots of blessings. Everyone can be thankful for at Bear creek trailer park," said Pat Brunner. And they hope the numbers add up so that federal aid can help them pick up the pieces washed away during a week and a half of heavy rains.

Only one family affected by the flooding in Coffee County had flood insurance. FEMA and GEMA officials began assessing the more than 400 miles of damaged roads. Those assessments are expected to last for the next couple of days.


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