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Colquitt County begins the drying out process

By Len Kiese - bio | email

COLQUITT COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Damage assessments continue throughout South Georgia after widespread flooding. There's been no federal disaster declaration yet but that is what many people are hoping will come soon.

Hundreds of homes and roads were damaged throughout South Georgia and Colquitt County leaders are counting on financial assistance from the government to get back on track.

The sounds from a ditch can easily turn into a nightmare for Robert Lee Williams. "That ditch across the street is what runs over," said Williams.

When the ditch runneth over, water covers the yard and surrounds the house. "Every bit of it," said Williams, "and it's happened three or four times."

It was the worst it's ever been after recent heavy rains in Colquitt County. "It came all the way up to the steps and I prayed and prayed that it would go down," said Williams. When it didn't seem like the water was going down, Williams and his wife got out.

"We had to evacuate and get my animals and my vehicles, get what we could, throw the main power switch and get out of here," said Williams.

"We've been hit pretty hard here in Colquitt County with this episode so it's been a tough week," said Colquitt County EMA Director Russell Moody.

Several low lying areas were saturated with water during severe weather.  That caused several roads to be washed out or damaged. 30 roads are still closed in the county.

"Just taking it day by day," said Moody, "whatever the storm threw at us, we're trying to get it back to how it used to be before the storm."

Some homes were damaged in the city and county. Tuesday, GEMA and FEMA officials assessed the damage to get a clear estimate. Emergency leaders want homeowners hit by damage to take pictures. "And go ahead and start cleaning it up and start getting the wet material out so you don't have mold problems. You've got to be careful with that," said Moody.

Williams was thankful the water didn't rise an inch higher. "I was and I pray not to see it that high again," said Williams. Until it pours down again, he and his home are in the clear for now.

Colquitt County Emergency Management wants anyone who had water inside their homes to give them a call at 229-616-7417.  


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