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Sumter and Americus likely playing for last time

November 15, 2002

SUMTER CO. - Ticket sales were booming at Sumter County High School. It was the same at Americus where even the mayor was reserving his seat early, because everyone knows it will likely be the last meeting, with plans to merge the schools next year.

"Excited about prospect it could bring for the new school system," Mayor Bill McGowan said.

The idea is to improve test scores and decrease dropout rates with increased economic support coming in for one all inclusive school.

Next year sophomores through seniors at both Sumter County and Americus will walk through the school halls, but first they will meet one last time on the football field.

"We want to go out with a bang do everything we can to win," Rodney Coley, an Americus Senior cornerback said.

"It's going to be the last game so it's a lot more intense," Sumter County Junior Defensive End Rory Edge said.

Edge will be doing his best to beat Americus on the field Friday night, but the rest of the year he's been working on the committee to bring the two schools together.

"Student body is most concerned with the new name, mascot, and school colors," Edge said. "Don't think any transition is smooth, but eventually it will get better down the road."

Just what teachers and administrators at both schools are hoping for, though for one night at least everyone is looking forward to one last friendly cross town rivalry. The game will mark the first step of unifying the two schools, as each band will play the star spangled banner together, directed by the Superintendent. The game is at Sumter County at 7:30 p.m. 

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