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EMA Director: 40 Decatur Co. homes flooded

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BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - The Flint River in Bainbridge crested late Monday night but it could be several days until some families can get back to their homes without a boat.

Water from the Big Slough is still rushing over road and about 150 people still don't have drinking water.

Tree markings along the Flint River in Bainbridge are proof the water is slowly receding. But many homes are still full of water.

"We still have three neighborhoods that are affected by the Flint. Flint River Heights on the west side, and River Vale and River View on the eastside," says EMA Director Charlie McCann.

Over off Slough Loop Road water from the Big Slough runs wild, beating up the road and overtaking homes.

Something Emergency management never expected and has never seen before.

"A rough estimate, we're looking at probably a couple dozen homes that have water inside or surrounded by water completely," says McCann.

That number on top of homes affected by the Flint River brings the estimated total to 40 effected homes.

Not to mention the 150 people trying to manage without drinking water on Slough Loop after water pressure busted a pipe under the road.

"This is highly unusual. This is just a dry creek bed that runs through here but none of us have ever seen the Slough come up out of the banks at this force," says McCann.

Now they wait  to access the damage, and finally get life back to normal.

"When the water goes away we will really be able to see how much damage it did. And that may take as long as a week. We really have no idea how long the Slough will run," says McCann.

As the Slough continues flowing, fortunately the Flint River is expected to fall below flood stage by Saturday before midnight.

The Decatur County EMA Director put in a request to GEMA for a water buffalo tank - so people living off Slough Loop will have drinking water. 


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