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Tift flood zones get federal inspection

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Federal and Georgia Emergency Management Agency workers circled a mobile home on Lawson Court. Just a few days ago it was submerged in almost three feet of water.

"The first time it was up to my knees. The second time it was up to my hips. The second time it was all the way up to my waist when I was in the backyard. The backyard was flooding so bad, I had to get the animals before they died," said Kim Glavins.

This mobile home park is their first stop in Tift County. They will spend the afternoon assessing the damage on private properties.

"They are looking at the type of damage, the amount of damage and what the people's insurance coverage is. That also comes into play," said FEMA Public Information Officer, Jim Homestad. 

Tomorrow they will assess damage to roads and public structures. "That is a separate type of aid, but we assess that as well," said Homestad. As they completed their assessment, residents were busy moving out.

"We stayed with my dad for a little while, but now we are moving in across the street for now," said Glavins.

Federal and state officials don't know when their assessment will be complete or whether Tift County will receive federal aid.

"This is the very important first step because nothing happens until the state requests aid. Once that happens we come in and the state joins with the federal to assess damage," said Homestad.

"And that information is taken back to the Governor . And he can use that information to request disaster relief from the President." And those affected all hope they receive help to get them through what several feet of water has caused.

So far 50 homeowners in Tift county reported flood damage to their homes, and that number is expected to rise. At least three dozen roads need repairs.

Meanwhile, clean up continues in a Coffee County neighborhood where a dam failed. The dam at a 350 acre lake in the Bay Meadows subdivision broke Friday morning. Twenty homes near the lake that were already flooded because of so much rain got an additional foot of water.

Nearly 80 homeowners reported water in their homes. Twenty-five roads, most of them dirt, are still closed in Coffee County.


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