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Does the I.R.S. owe you a refund?

November 15, 2002

Albany -- The Internal Revenue Service has more than $2 million in undelivered tax refund checks for Georgians. In an about face by the tax-man, they are looking for the people they owe money to.

The I.R.S. has a new easier system in place, that lets you check to see if the government has cash for you.

Ola Mae Jones is calling the I.R.S. to see if they have a check for her family. She has learned that the name Calvin Jones is on the I.R.S. list of people in Albany owed a refund.

She calls the I.R.S. number ,gives information like Social Security Number, filing status, and the amount shown on their last tax form. It is a different Calvin Jones in Albany the IRS is looking for, but Ola Mae is glad she checked. Jones said "I always check when you think you're going to get some money."

There are 20 people in Albany alone the I.R.S. has undelivered checks for. And they want the people to have their money.

Revenue Agent Teresa Crow said "Some people it may suprise, but the IRS has been looking for people since 1978, letting them know their refunds are due. Trying to locate them." But now the IRS has an improved Web Site  to help people check and see if they have an unclaimed refund.

There are a number of reasons why the refund checks never reach the taxpayer. Crow said "Most of the time the people have moved from the address the return was filed under. And not left a forwarding address." And there is no time limit on when you can claim a due refund.

You can also call the IRS, at 1-800-829-1040. Nationwide the I.R.S. has $80 million in undelivered refund checks.

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