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Lots of rain in little time = Big problems

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany's fire Chief estimates between 15 and 18 inches of rain fell in parts of Dougherty County over the last nine days. The heavy rain in such a short time period led to major problems. More than 40 property owners have reported damage, and that number will likely rise.

Thursday night, Albany firefighters had to rescue Veronice Ford from her home on Mockingbird Drive by boat. Monday, she returned by vehicle, only to discover a house full of soggy furniture and floors.

"My sofas are ruined, the furniture and stuff, a bed in the back bedroom," said Ford. She's moving out.

Her neighbors down the street are trying to dry out. "I was concerned about the carpet in the house, and the carpet was okay, matter-of-fact, 95% of the house was okay," said Bobby Ellis.

The water only got into the laundry room at Bobby and Valerie Ellis' home. Valerie said, "I'm thankful, I'm blessed because it could have been so much worse."

Like at Ilene Sullivan's house. Water was several inches deep in her home. "It's heartbreaking. I mean it's just totally devastating."

And this isn't the first time has been flooded. Water was in it for 15 days back in 1994. She said, "I've lost a lot of personal items, I can tell you that and I'm sure my a/c and heating system is gone, my duct work is all gone, my flooring."

Commissioner John Hayes visited the Radium Springs area over the weekend. He said, "For a lot of citizens who were not directly impacted by this, this was several days of heavy rains, but for those folks directly in harm's way, this was a crisis."

And one county officials hope to avoid in the future. They are closely inspecting the areas that were flooded and trying to put together a plan so that it won't happen again. Larry Cook said "We'll go through the process of assessing our infrastructure, see what kind of damage we've had and also assessing what we need to do to try and help alleviate some of these problem areas, whatever we can do."

As homeowners do what they can to pick up the pieces and start over again.

If water was inside your home and you need assistance, you need to report it to the American Red Cross so they can assess the damage. The phone number to report damage is 436-4845.


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