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There is seemingly no end in sight

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By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - There seems to be no end in sight for some South Georgia homeowners.

In Valdosta the water in the Withlacoochee flooded several homes and still threatens dozens of others.

Homes in the Lake Drive neighborhood were flooded.

"My house is right down there and it is two feet under water," said John Mark Eager, Flood victim.

Eager and many of his neighbors are having the same problem.

"I don't know how many people in this neighborhood have been flooded I'm guessing 12 to 15 people," said Eager.

"That pasture back there has filled up a couple of times with a lot of rain," said Bill Decoudres, Valdosta.

The pasture is now covered with water, the horse stables are almost completely under.

"About 4AM Saturday water started coming in from everywhere," said Eager

There is about two feet of water in Mark Eager's home, some are not flooded yet but residents are uneasy.

"We're really worried we moved all of our furniture off of the first floor onto the second floor," said Decoudres.

This amount of water is something no one here expected.

"Never seen it, we've lived here 19 years and have never seen it like this before," said Decoudres.

One intersection in the neighborhood was makeshift boat dock, as residents use boats to salvage what they could in case there's more water to come.

John Mark Eager does have flood insurance, his neighbor bill Decoudres does not, but believes this event will change some minds.


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