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World Vision is prepared for the worst

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many families weren't ready when heavy rains and flash flooding forced their families out of their homes. Some of those families were housed in a shelter. And that is where World Vision would step in with their emergency personal care kits.

"Lotions, toothpaste and toothbrushes and those kind of things. We make them available where shelters are open or in the areas were victims of disasters gather," said Albany World Vision Manager, Jim Ewings.

The zip lock bags filled with necessaries may not seem like much, but for families forced out by mother nature they can be a god send.

"With the evacuations even though they were voluntary and very few families had to leave, families have to leave in an emergency and with the first things that they can grab. Very few will bring the necessaries," said Ewings.

World Vision also collects toys, coloring books and school supplies for evacuations. "They help to entertain the children while the parents work on getting their lives back in order," said Ewings.

And all of the items passed out to disaster victims are donated. "So those kits are either put together by individuals and organizations that donate to us."

WorldVision first came to Albany during the flood of 1994, and stayed for the next seven years before deciding to open an office and store house. This has allowed the organization to keep close communications with Emergency Management agencies in Southwest Georgia.

"At any matter of time, I may call the national office and say these are the things we need and receive them between a 24 to 36 hour period," said Ewings. And they provide some relief to families who find themselves in the midst of chaos during a disaster.

Anyone interested in donating their time or resources to World Vision can call the Albany office at 229-439-7101. You can click here to learn more about World Vision.


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