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Lee County students learn about careers

By Jay Polk - bio | email

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Quinn Roe knows what he wants to do after he graduates.

"After high school, I'm going to go to the University of Alabama. But in the distant future I'm going to own my own sound studio," he said.

Like some young people, Quinn has had his dream job in mind for a while.

"Probably near the end of middle school was when I started getting interested in it, I would say," he said.

To help him prepare for his dream, he found time in his busy schedule to help run the campus shop.

"Being my own entrepreneur, I'm going to be using marketing skills all the time."

But not everyone is as sure about their future plans as Quinn is. And Friday, one high school tried to help them make this very tough decision a little easier.

Whether they were considering working on cars, or working out in the woods, the career fair at Lee County High School had all sorts of options for the students to consider.

There were dozens of exhibitors from all over the area, according to Sandra Parker, the CTAE Instructor at the school.

"We have everything from health care, to marketing. We have construction, electrical, you name it," she said.

And the students were interested to find out what types of education and skills are necessary to make it in the work force.

"A lot of them can get jobs with high school plus, maybe technical skills. Some of them will need high school plus two year college or four year college. So they get all their questions answered," she said.

For Quinn, all of his questions have been answered and that's helped him to zoom in and focus on his future. What advice would he give to the students who are coming up behind him?

"Leave high school with a plan. To leave high school knowing what we want to do, to have a passion for what we're doing, and have experience with what we're doing. Because, that way, we'll be the best," he said.

Sound advice from a young man who has a bright future.


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