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Bank and Police partnership

November 14, 2002

Albany -- Albany Police and area banks will start working together again, to try and keep criminals from targeting the financial institutions and their customers.

Albany Police and U.S. Secret Service investigators met with representatives from about a dozen banks and credit unions, to re-establish the Police Bankers Board. There was a board in Albany in the past, but the meetings between the two stopped years ago. Now the banks and Police will meet every other month, to work on communication and procedures.

Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department said "We had some of the persons in attendance asking a lot of questions. About different things, different situations. What should they do if this was to happen. Just a lot of general questions."

Police hope by working with area banks, they can cut down on counterfeit money and check scams, one of the fastest growing crimes in South Georgia...and con artists who prey on the elderly, stealing their life savings.

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