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Water encroaches Creekside RV park

By Cade Fowler - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Flash flooding in Dougherty County came as a surprise to many overnight at Creekside RV Park in Putney. Dozens were evacuated from their homes when waters from the swollen Dry Creek spilled over its banks prompting fire and rescue teams to rescue residents.

Flood water poured into Creekside RV Park overnight, rising so fast, it caught many residents off guard.

"Water must be high. We knew it was coming," said Bob Crackle. "From midnight to 2 o'clock that water came up 10 inches."

Crackel was one of about three dozen residents that voluntarily evacuated their home. AFD rescue boats trolling door to door in flood waters advising people of the danger.

"Yeah the rescuers thank to them they come and got us," said Crackle.

Many evacuees got out with just the clothes on their backs, medication, and their pets. But some attempts to flee the path of flash flooding proved dangerous. Just ask Laurie O'Dell.

"I was supposed to drive the car out and I didn't. I missed the turn."

A turn that could have been deadly. O'Dell's Toyota Prius was submerged in the deepening waters. "I was able to get my car window down and my seatbelt off in case I had to get out.

Dougherty County police broke a window, freeing O'Dell from her car. It was just hours earlier that DCP officers informed several residents at Creekside that waters were rising. Few heeded those warnings until the situation got worse.

"Some officers came by about 2:15. Several of the residents wanted to come out then. The water had came up a lot," said Lt. Jason Hager of the Dougherty County Police.

By 5:00 a.m. much of Hancock Road was underwater. An SUV was swept away while crossing the flooded street. A man and woman were able to get out, but their dog was trapped inside. Luckily they all made iy out, soaked but otherwise ok.

By sunrise the best mode of transportation was a kayak. Residents hopeful the waters will recede sooner than later.


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