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Man barely escapes tree falling on car

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DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) -  A Donalsonville man is counting his blessings tonight after a huge tree fell on his car right after he got out of it.

Others in Seminole county are dealing with flooding in their yards. And several roads are closed.

Take a look at this car, completely demolished after a huge tree fell on top of it.

"I'm just glad I wasn't in there."

But just a minute before the fall Ricky Hall was in there.

"I had just got out of the car to go inside and when I came back this is what I saw," he said.

Ricky says lightning struck the tree last year. Today's wind and rain was just enough to bring down the old and rotted oak.

"It was sitting right over there, it came up from the roots," said Hall.

Friends came over to check on Ricky this morning - thankful he's alive. And while one man dealt with damage, others dealt with flooding.  All across Seminole county you'll find flooded yards.

Flooded yards - you can see water slowly creeping it's way up the side of this house. But as of right now, water isn't inside any homes.

Also today rainy weather caused a minor car accident off 4th street. No one was hurt. But it serves as a reminder to stay off the roads if possible.

And for those living in low lying areas, be cautious and prepared  as rain continues to pour.

11 roads are closed in Seminole county.


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