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Lowndes County announces bridge/road closures

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By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

LOWNDES COUNTY, GA (WALB) - This morning, people making their daily commute across the Franks Creek Bridge on Shiloh road received clear warning: Road Closed. 

The Little River, flowing beneath the Lowndes County bridge, had risen to a potentially dangerous level.

April Lamon, and employee at Valdosta Technical College says, "That bridge is vital to us getting to school every day."

For many students and employees at Valdosta Technical College, this bridge closing makes driving to school a tedious trek.

"Well, living over on that side of the county and needing to get to Valdosta Technical College, that bridge is one of the only ways to go, other than going all the way up to Hahira and coming back around," says Lamon.  "That adds 15 or 20 mintes to your commute time!"

This isn't the only bridge closing in Lowndes.  The Skipper Bridge, on Skipper Bridge Road, has also been closed.  Deputies have ticketed numerous drivers who ignored the barricades.

"It may look, on some of our bridges, like the water may not be very high; however, if you do float off that bridge, into the river, that water is very fast-moving," says Lowndes Public Information Officer Paige Dukes.  "It's a very dangerous situation."

Sure enough, by lunch time, Franks Creek Bridge was already beginning to flood.  Lowndes County is monitoring 15 areas.  In Valdosta, Country Club Drive near Jerry Jones was already beginning to see water in the road.

"We expect there to be more road closings and possibly bridge closings throughout the rest of the afternoon, this evening, and tomorrow," says Dukes. 

So far, the following road closings have been announced: Wells Road, Little River Road, Porter Road  (east of the railroad tracks), Old Lake Park Road (from Schoolhouse Pond Road to Zipperer Road), Hickory Grove Road (southeast from Bradford Road to Old Lake Park Road), and Jerry Lane Vann Road (around the 5200 block).

If the pounding spill from the Mill Pound is any indication, the rainwater will likely stick around longer than anyone would like.


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