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Storm drain system in Arlington is overwhelmed

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Rising water is causing problems all over South Georgia.

The storm drain system in Arlington is overwhelmed.

There is toilet paper and sewage as thousands of gallons of waste spill out of the sewer system in Arlington.

"I think this one has been running over for the pass two or three days so that's a pretty substantial amount of water," said Mayor Jerome Brackins, City of Arlington.

The recent heavy rain has about ten thousands of gallons per day flowing out of the sewers there.

"It's due to all the rain water we had, about 16 inches of rain water," said Brackins.

The small sewer pipes can't keep up.

"The pipes we have under the road is taking all the water they can take that amount of water," said Richard Martin, Calhoun County EMA Director.

It's causing problems for homeowners too.

The city is digging ditches and brought in pumps to help drain the water in the lower areas of Arlington.

The problem has already gotten bad for the Busy Bee Day Care.

It's still dry inside, but Parents and friends are filling sandbags trying to keep it that way.

As they shore up the Daycare, thanks to the pumps, other areas are starting to drain.

"We're trying to get the water pulled down as low as we can, because if we don't there will be numerous houses under water from flooding. We are hoping we'll be able to get the water pumped down before this next round of weather moves in on top of us," said Martin.

Emergency managers say they'll keep the pumps running as long as it takes, to help the drainage system keep up, because they know more rain is coming, and it could do a lot more damage.

Mayor Brackins plans to ask the city commission for money to start fixing the drainage problems soon.


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