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Chambliss believes taped voice is Bin Laden

^ Senator-elect Saxby Chambliss ^ Senator-elect Saxby Chambliss

November 13, 2002

Washington, D.C.-- President Bush says he's taking the purported Osama bin Laden tape "very seriously." The audiotape, played on an Arabic TV station, applauds half-dozen recent attacks linked to Al-Quaida and threatens more against U.S. targets.

The president says he doesn't know if the voice on the tape is really Bin Laden. But he says whoever's behind it "has put the world on notice yet again."

Georgia's Senator-elect, Saxby Chambliss, believes the voice on the tape is that of Bin Laden, and he’s not surprised that Bin Laden has managed to stay alive.

“This particular tape is another sign that gives us cause for concern in the intelligence community," Chambliss said. "It certainly is a sign that Bin Laden is alive and well, as I have sort of felt like all along. But then again, it's an encouraging sign because we've got him out again. The more he moves around, the more likely we are to catch him, and we're gonna catch him eventually."

Chambliss says that while the tapes contain no specific threats, it’s possible that they are signal to followers of Al-Quaida to move forward with some previously planned terrorist attack.

The Senator-elect thinks some type of military action will be needed, but when? "I don't believe that a war is imminent, but I do think that putting troops on the ground is probably imminent from the standpoint that if we're allowed to have unfettered inspection, we're gonna find evidence of weapons of mass destruction they've manufactured and stockpiled. If he doesn't destroy those weapons, we're gonna to have to take some action."

Chambliss says that’s all the more reason to get on the ball, and create a Department of Homeland security. The House is voting on that measure Wednesday night.

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