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Miller and Baker still deal with flooding headaches

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

BAKER AND MILLER COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Miller and Baker Counties are struggling with so many washed out roads.

Several are closed, and more could close if heavy rains poor into the area Wednesday night and Thursday.

Emergency crews continue to assess the damage and prepare for more severe weather.

Over 60 roads remain closed in Baker and Miller counties Wednesday. Water crossed Highway 91S in Miller county as DOT crews directed traffic.

And several other dirt and paved roads are still hidden under a foot or two of water.

But some roads like this section of Big Oak Road in Baker county are completely washed out.

"It's just too much water, most all the roads are like that," said Hart.

Baker county Public Works Director Larry Hart drove around the county Wednesday assessing damage to roadways.

He estimates that over 50% of the roads in the county are either washed out, or covered with water. Both dangerous driving conditions.

"Do not go through the water, you don't know what is under that water," said Hart.

Here's a prime example of why you have to use caution when driving over roads in these conditions. This body of water may look shallow, but below there's a 6ft deep sinkhole.

And emergency workers warn sinkholes can form at any time. In Miller county they have the same problem.

Dangerous roads. Fortunately Miller county only received 2 1/2 inches of rain last night - much less than predicted.

"We still have 36 roads that are closed. Some of them washed out and we still have roads that have water over them.

Now residents are preparing for more rain.

Yesterday 3000 sandbags were given out at the county road department. And they still have hundreds ready.

Meanwhile everyone in both counties bracing themselves for severe weather and more dangerous driving conditions. 


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