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Ramp program giving freedom to families

November 13, 2002

Moultrie-- There's no better way to spend beautiful fall days than outdoors. But, for hundreds of disabled Southwest Georgians, getting outside is nearly impossible without a wheelchair ramp.

Now, Easter Seals is making that easier with their Home Access Program--building wheelchair ramps. And, one Moultrie family says they haven't missed a pretty day since a ramp was installed at their home.

Lynn Cope, and her son David, are taking an afternoon walk. Lynn says, "I really can't imagine anyone not wanting to get out on a pretty day like today and just enjoying the home or the yard and being in the open."

But, as David has gotten older, just getting out in the open got difficult, "When he has a seizure I lift him in my arms to get him to transportation and of course as David has gotten larger and I've gotten older that's an impossibility anymore."

Lynn says, "It has been a blessing, an answer to our prayers you know." The answer to their prayers was this ramp, built with money from the Easter Seals. Lynn says, "David's taller than I am, doesn't weigh as much. He's 90 pounds lifting several times a day a person can't do it, so it's really an emergency thing for us more than the pleasure of getting out and doing."

And, Lynn says without the ramp, they wouldn't get out of the house at all, "It's truly like a prison to these challenged people when they're not able to get themselves in or out."

The Easter Seal's Home Access Program has 125-thousand dollars in hand to help out needy families. If you would like more information, you can call the toll-free number at 1-800-365-4583. The Home Access Program is geared toward Southwest Georgia families.

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