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Colquitt County gets another soaking

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a rough Tuesday evening in Colquitt County.

Several funnel clouds were spotted throughout the county, but Emergency Management Directors say none of them touched down. Flash flooding closed more than a dozen roadways. Emergency Managers have asked everyone to stay off the roads unless it's necessary to go out and they've asked residents in low lying areas to consider evacuating.

Around 5:30 PM Tuesday, Colquitt County got the warning they were in for a rough couple of hours. Thunder and lightning filled the skies over Doerun. In Moultrie at the Winn Dixie plaza strong winds blew the rain sideways and kept customers home.

"It was blowing in and the rain was coming in, it was coming in under the doors," said Cynthia Carter, Peebles manager.

Peebles sandbagged their doors. It didn't take long before Third Avenue southeast behind the complex was again underwater for the second time in three days.

"If we get eight inches that is almost, you do the best you can but after a while it just has to go down," said Danny Ward, Moultrie Public Works Director.

On seventh avenue southeast backyards turned into ponds when water circled two homes and drifted across the street into the front yard of a third. Neighbor Kenny Griffin watched with concern.

"I went over there and knocked on the door I guess no ones home. He's go one of those walk down dens. It flooded like this about five years ago and he had a swimming pool in his house," said Kenny Griffin, a neighbor.

Sheriff's deputies called attention to arcing lines, pressing Colquitt EMC crews into service while neighbors wondered when the rain might end.

"We needed rain, but we didn't need it all right so quick," said Griffin.

Public works crews say they won't know the extent of the damage until after the rain stops, until then they've asked people to stay off the roadways.

Around eight o'clock Tuesday, volunteer firefighters helped two families in Norman Park evacuate their homes. Emergency managers asked people who live in low-lying areas to consider moving to higher ground.


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