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Man arrested for making moonshine

November 12, 2002

Grady County - This isn't something you hear too often these days, a man is busted for making moonshine. Drug agents also found marijuana growing around his home.

The moonshine operation was so big, GBI agents had to blow up the still. GBI agents yell, "Fire in the hole, fire in the hole!" A rat-infested Moonshine Still is destroyed by explosives after a drug bust in Grady County. Captain Scott Newberry says, "It's the biggest moonshine still we have had in this area in a long time since times other Sheriff's were here. We haven't had anything in this magnitude. First time something so big."

Drug Agents and investigators found the major moonshine operation in the woods behind 60-year-old Kenneth Gilliard's home on Gilliard Road. Captain Newberry explains, "They followed power lines and water lines down to the shack."

Agents also found more than thirty marijuana plants inside and around his trailer. But, this isn't the first time Gilliard was arrested for drugs. He just got out of jail four months ago. Captain Newberry says, "He's been arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine."

Gilliard is now charged with manufacturing moonshine, manufacturing marijuana and possession of moonshine.

Investigators say the marijuana is worth 35-thousand dollars. The moonshine operation can produce 100 gallons while cooking.

The GBI, Southwest Georgia Drug Task Force, Grady County Sheriff Office and Georgia Department of Revenue worked together to capture Gilliard.

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