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Radial residents keep their fingers crossed

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As another round of heavy rain threatens our area, many homeowners are just starting to dry out.

One family was evacuated from an East Albany neighborhood and several others urged to move as fast rising waters surrounded their homes.

As fast as the water rose in Radial Subdivision in East Albany, the water went away, but not without a big scare for the folks who live here. Mary Mann saw the water surrounding her neighbors homes and called police.

"The fire department come out here and they rescued the people over there with a boat next door to us and about two hours later, we packed up our stuff and we left," she said.

Emergency workers woke up other people in the neighborhood and warned them to be vigilant and to watch the waters. It didn't get into homes, but it came close.

"It was just coming from every direction," said Chuck Mathis, Asst. Co. Public Works Director. "We dodged a bullet this time, but I sure hope it don't get no more water coming tomorrow, I'm worried about that."

So is Jessee Barnes. He lives in the Benjamin Heights Subdivision, where on Saturday, no one could get in or out because of water over the road.

"Now that the ground is saturated and we're expecting more rain, I'm looking for it to happen tomorrow night again," Barnes said.

And public works crews are on alert too. "We've heard the forecast and we're pumping water down in our reservoirs and our holding ponds and we're bracing for the next round," said Mathis.

Julian Gray, who also lives in Benjamin Heights just hopes it's not as bad as round one. "Between a 1 and 10, I think it was about a 10."

He wants county crews to take another look at outflow pipes in his neighborhood and see if they can be improved to handle whatever the future holds.

Emergency management officials in Albany are working with the Red Cross and Department of Family and Children Services to identify a building that will serve as a shelter if the homes in those and other Dougherty County neighborhoods flood again this week.


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