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People injured; chickens killed in storm

November 12, 2002

COFFEE CO.- It was an amazing sight for everyone along Coffee County's Marshall Corbett road Tuesday. Four rows of scrambled tin and wires, each hundreds of feet long, trapping thousands of squawking hens.

But that's not how chicken house owner Martin Corbett says it sounded just a couple hours earlier at 7:30 a.m. when he awoke from a nap in his truck parked outside.

"Wind picked truck up again and dropped it here," Corbett said.

He quickly ran inside to check on his two fellow employees. "Looked out the window and saw the first chicken house go," Corbett said.

Dale Davis and Dwight Glover both were all right, though they suffered scrapes, bruises and breathing problems from all the dust. One of the two was also saddened to see his car smashed and 200 feet from where he left it.

"Saw car float up and go through pecan trees, and bounce back down," Corbett described. 

Fallen trees surrounded the Corbett home as the couple looked outside at the $800,000 loss to their property. They also watched as Gold Kist employees tried to rescue the companies $25,000 chickens. Luckily most of the chickens were rescued and taken to safety. In all 3,000 chickens are thought to have been killed, but thankfully for everyone involved, no people were severely injured. 

The hens inside the chicken house were egg layers. They were just brought there Friday. The chicken houses and Corbett home sit back in a field a few hundred feet from the rest of the neighborhood which had only minor damage.

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